Ars Libri in the Press

"At Ars Libri, our work is done by hand, the old way,” says Ksenia Kopystynska, book conservator and designer. Ask Kopystynska to re-cover your family bible that’s falling apart, and she will apply her modern eye, renaissance sensibility, extensive European education, and decades of experience to its restoration.

Legacy, Alberta’s Cultural Heritage Magazine 2003.


"Hers may be the most unique and is certainly the most European, studio in the city. This is a place where old-fashioned, handcrafted work is paramount. It’s where both an artist and a scientist, combined in the person of Kopystynska, work their magic."

Edmonton Journal 2001.


"Her shop, Ars Libri, Latin for the art of books, is the kind of studio that would fit better on a narrow cobblestone street in Prague or Paris than on 109th Street just north of the former Rathole..”

Edmonton Journal 2000.


"Ms. Kopystynska’s not the kind of shop you’ll find in a typical prairie town. It is filled with funky boxes, portfolios and avant-garde photo albums, crafted by the proprietor. It is also where she spends much time meticulously repairing volumes sent to her from all over the world."

The Globe and Mail 1998.


Nick Lees of the Edmonton Journal calls her "an Edmonton bookbinder and book restorer extraordinaire”.

Edmonton Journal 1998.


Alberta Venture points out "Kopystynska’s highly specialized talent has been sought after by serious book collectors and antiquarians, executive clients like Midland Walwyn and even movie star John Travolta.”

Alberta Venture 1998.


Charles Mandel of the Edmonton Journal writes, "Edmonton woman is on her way to becoming bookbinder to the stars after doing a job for Hollywood hero John Travolta.”

Edmonton Journal 1996.